B-Tech Drives

Empower your productivity with profitable efficiency and performance.

Today’s business is normally based on efficiency and performance. You know that everything counts to make you more competitive. Our drives and softsarters are made with all this in mind, empowering productivity and efficiency. They provide flexibility to help you optimize your processes and control, and reliable for less downtime. You also get premium service and expertise, to support their full life cycle.

The drives also provides the gateway to the world of open and non-proprietary fully integrated systems thereby enabling your business to spread the risk associated with tying your business to proprietary systems.

Welcome to visit B-tech Drives and Softstarters!
As a professional manufacturer of industrial automation products, we are always dedicated to soft starter, frequency inverters, servo motor and drive, BT filters, harmonic wave AC chokes, sine wave filters and brake units and resistors.

We have following mature series product:
BT-GJ3 series soft starter, (220V/380/480V ±15%; 5.5KW~ 630KW).
BT8 series VF control inverter, (220V/380V/480V ±15%; 0.75KW~630KW).
BT9 series sensorless vector control inverter, (220V/380V/480V/575V/690V ±15%; 0.75KW~630KW).
BT series vector control inverter with PG (including elevator and lift drive). (220V/380V/480V/690V ±15%; 0.75KW~630KW)
B-Tech series servo motor drive system.(220V/380V ±15%;0.2~22KW)
And relative accessories, such as input filter, output filter, input choke , output choke, DC choke and sine wave filter, brake unit and resistor and aluminum resistor.

Our company’s feature is good products with competitive price! We are sincerely looking for worldwide partners to cooperate with us to build a win-win market environment.