Control Panels

Big Wave Automation build electrical control panels and provide industrial control panel solutions to industry.
We are a specialist automation systems integrator with our own well equipped workshop for building electrical control panels.

We use the very latest design and project software, to allow traceability through all steps of the manufacturing process.
We constantly invest in the latest electrical control panel building equipment, tools, and software.

Each control panel is designed to suit the customers’ specific application, using only the very best components from leading manufacturers. We are happy to build control panels from your own electrical schematics, or alternatively, why not let Big Wave Automation design the complete system for you.

Our engineering team have over 10 years experience in designing and building inverter control panels. We offer free expert advice on the best drive for your application. We can design, build and commission variable speed drive control panels for any application, from simple conveyor control systems, fan and pump control panels, through to complex multi drive web processes.

If you would like to discuss an application please contact our sales office.

Motor Control Panel

This motor control panel was built for a produce manufacturer.

•Schneider GV2ME motor protective circuit breakers
•Schneider LC1D motor contactors
•Merlin-Gerin circuit protection
•Pilz PNOZ safety relays
•Allen-Bradley FlexIO
•Siemens DC power supply
•Siemens UPS with backup battery

Slate Cutter Control Panel

The system was built to cut slate blocks in the quarry.

The system utilises a PLC optimizing cutting algorithm. The result was increased throughput, productivity and enhanced blade life, whilst also reducing energy consumption compared with the previous manual system.

For this system we used an Omron CJ1 PLC and Omron V1000 inverters. The whole system was designed around a robust Devicenet comms network, including all drives, remote operator control desks and touchscreens.

Pet Food Extrusion Line Control Panel

This complete process production line control system was built for a leading pet food manufacturer. The 4.8 metre enclosure incorporated :

  • 30 Schneider ATV71 variable speed drives
  • 35 Schneider DOL motor starters
  • 4 Siemens Sirius soft starters
  • 1500 Amp Wohner busbar
  • 2000 Amp ABB isolator

Duty Changeover Pump Control Panel

The system maintains constant PID controlled water pressure for the hotel’s cold water.

An Omron PLC controls two Parker AC30V inverters, which swap duty of the two mains pumps every 24 hours.

The Parker AC30V inverters were chosen for their robustness and simple operator interface.

The process pressure is measured and fed back to the drives by a Sick PBS pressure transducer.

CIP Safety System

This CIP safety control panel was designed and built for a national pet food manufacturer.

The Pilz safety control system monitors the valve positions and manifold positions in the production line process, to allow the caustic cleaning of the process pipework.

CIP or ‘clean in place’ allows the hygienic cleanic of food grade pipework without the need for dis-assembly. As part of a food grade production facility, the caustic cleaning fluid can never be allowed to enter the final production process.

We designed a complex safety interlock system to prevent this from ever happening.

We used Pilz safety controllers with an Allen Bradley remote PLC I/O system on EthernetIP.

Twin Servo Control Panel

The system was designed to offer fast positioning accuracy over two axes.

An Omron CJ2 PLC with a Mechatrolink twin axis motion control module was chosen.

An Omron NS8 touchscreen provides the operator interface with the PLC.

Machine safety is handled by an Omron safety system.

This new servo system offers dramatic increases in both speed and positioning accuracy over the previous Baldor servo system.

Slate Tile Handling Servo Control System

The PLC controlled system accuratley manipulates slate tiles with a servo controlled guider.

  • Omron CP1L PLC
  • Omron NS8 colour touchscreen
  • Omron Servo system
  • Parker 650 variable speed drive
  • Pilz safety system
  • Schneider motor control gear

Twin Dryer Control Panel

This twin dryer control panel was built for a machine builder.

The OEM manufactures industrial dryer chambers for the professional screen printing market.

Each dryer chamber is controlled by an Omron E5CC temperature controller.

A fan in each chamber maintains even temperature and prevents hot spots.

Big Wave Automation specialize in offering bespoke winding control panels for end users, OEMs and process machinery manufacturers. Our systems expertise allows us to design innovative solutions to various winding applications. We can build AC and DC winding systems using state of the art variable speed drives from Parker SSD Drives (formerly Eurotherm). We also have an extensive library of PLC function blocks written by our engineers from previous web tension projects.

If you have a winding application, and would like expert advice, or a quotation, please contact our sales office.

Parker 690 Rewinder Slitter Control Panel

The system is designed to slit and rewind film material.

The rewinding and slitting is handled by three Parker 690P system drives fitted with encoder feedback cards. An Omron PLC and touchscreen monitor and control other machine fuctions.

All PLC and HMI programming, drive setup and commissioning was completed by Big Wave Automation engineers.

IML Slitter Waste Winder Control Panel

This waste winder system was designed to replace an ageing and unreliable Heenan Eddy Current system.

The waste winding is handled by a Parker 890 AC drive.

Big Wave Automation engineers wrote specific winder function blocks for this system.

Simple machine control is handled by an Omron CP1L PLC.

The Parker 890 inverter acted as both the master and the waste winder.

A Sick UM30 ultrasonic sensor was used for reel diameter feedback into the inverter.

Schneider and Allen-Bradley control gear was used.