We offer flexible cord for temporary power, whether its plastic, rubber or specialty constructions, in applications requiring 600 Volts or less. The extensive line includes portable cord, cord sets, portable power cable and premium-grade cable for commercial and industrial applications, including for use on constructions sites, in plants and factories, or entertainment venues.

We offer cables that ensure the reliable performance and monitoring of machinery and equipment which are critical to the operations of industrial plants and manufacturing facilities. With types PLTC/ITC and TC shielded and unshielded cable for 300 V and 600 V applications.

It offers a large spectrum of 600 V multi-conductor control and power cable constructions to meet your specific design requirements. Type TC and Specialty Flex cable to address stringent requirements in industrial operations.

With 600 Volt single conductor, low-voltage power cables include 2 designs that are ideally suited for use in a broad range of commercial, industrial and utility applications where outstanding reliability and maximum performance is critical.

Big Wave Automation Systems offers a wide range of medium- voltage industrial cables from 2.4 kV to 35 kV that are ideally suited for performance-demanding applications and provide a proven record of reliable performance.  These cable solutions include non-shielded and copper tape shielded designs used extensively in pulp and paper mills, petrochemical plants, sewage treatment facilities, water treatment plants, environmental protection systems, power generating stations, and other industrial applications

Big Wave Automation provides you with reliable wire and cable products, which include Instrumentation & Control Cables; Industrial Communications Cables for Protocols; Industrial Ethernet Cables; Portable Power & Cord Products; and VFD Cables for Drives.  All are designed to deliver ongoing productivity in the harshest of industrial environments.

Providing armored cable products that offer distinct advantages and deliver maximum performance and ease of installation for a broad range of commercial, industrial and utility applications.  The unique characteristics of this all-in-one cable assembly provide an alternative to labor-intensive cable-in-conduit installation methods.  Featuring aluminum interlocked armor or continuously welded and corrugated aluminum sheath, with armored cables that demonstrate excellent crush, heat, moisture and chemical resistance to meet the requirements of harsh industrial conditions and hazardous locations.

Big Wave Automation provides you with a single source for all your mining cable requirements. Our well-known mining- and industrial-grade cable designs enable high performance mining production and ensures reliability over the lifecycle of the cable to ultimately provide you with a lower cost per ton.